Venue Owner/Manager Resources

The KOVA team has curated a collection of national and state relevant resources for Australian venue owners.

We have been reviewing and interpreting rapidly evolving government and sector initiatives to help your business get back on it’s feet. 

What are the current restrictions in your state? Click here

As restrictions on trading start to ease, the Sydney Morning Herald is keeping a running list of what’s allowed and what’s not in your state. You should always check the relevant government agencies in your area to double check anything you’re unsure of, but this is a good place to start.


JobKeeper payment information for employers Click here
Federal Government Fact Sheet on the recently announced ‘Jobkeepers Payments’ whereby the Government will subsidise payments of $1500/wk to workers kept on the books. Explains which businesses and which employees are eligible and how to register an intent to claim. 

Jobkeeper Regulations As Laid Out by the Federal Department of the Treasury Click here
Here are the complete rules for the Jobkeeper scheme as laid out by the Treasury. The Jobkeeper programme has now been passed into law by the federal parliament, and this document is the single source of truth for that new law. It lays out eligibility for both businesses and employees and how the programme will work. It’s an official government legal document, so it’s not the clearest thing ever, but it’s straight from the department, so at least you know it’s true. Double check anything you read or any advice you receive against this document.

Cash Flow Assistance for Businesses Click here
Fact sheet about the Federal Government’s Cash Flow Assistance programme for small and medium businesses and Not for Profit organisations with an annual turnover of less than $50 million. To qualify, you must have employees. Assistance is based in the tax system, so this information is somewhat difficult to decode. We recommend contacting your financial advisor or accountant for advice. If you don’t have one, and need financial advice, send us an email and we’ll do our best to pair you with one.

Temporary Relief for Financially Distressed Businesses Click here
Fact sheet about the Federal Government’s Temporary Relief for Financially Distressed Businesses programme. This basically states that the thresholds at which your creditors can issue statutory demands or initiate bankruptcy procedures against you have been lifted, and that you have more time to pay back debts before such proceedings can be initiated. Speak to your financial advisor before making any decisions about paying back debts and who to pay first.


Essential Information Page Click here
One stop shop for the most up to date COVID-19 related announcements. Announcements which have been made but not yet finalised will be marked with ‘more information will be provided in the coming days’, which helps to understand which measures are still being worked out.

Commercial Tenancy ‘Code of Practice’ (PLACEHOLDER) Click here
The Prime Minister has announced the intention to introduce a mandatory code of practice for commercial landlords to follow, giving rent relief to tenants impacted by COVID-19. He indicated that the relief could be proportionate to revenue lost, but nothing has been agreed and confirmed yet, and there will still be negotiation between landlord and tenant. Link to news article until Code is published.

Government Secured Loans for Small and Medium Sized Businesses. Click here and here.

The Government is supporting the flow of credit to help businesses with cashflow by guaranteeing 50% of new loans (from eligible lenders) up to $250,000. Government Fact Sheet outlines which businesses are eligible, and second link shows full list of eligible lenders.


Cafe Bookkeepers Click here
Cafe Bookkeepers provides bookkeeping, tax accountancy and managed payroll to hospitality businesses in Australia. They are proposing a free 15min support call for hospitality venue owners/operators. Schedule your call with one of their team through their support website.

Project Unity (by MyGuestlist) Click here
Currently the largest venue marketing collaboration project in Australia. A new collaborative service that allows venues to join forces, share, market and cross-promote to their collective subscriber audiences through email, SMS and social media. You can register interest to participate below or share with your friendly hospitality marketers and operators.

Employsure free daily Job Keeper legal advice Click here
Employsure providing free legal Job Keeper advice via IG live every day at 12 noon. 

Banks have developed ‘Small Business Relief Package’ Click here
Businesses impacted by COVID-19 are encouraged to discuss their particular situation with their own bank, but the Australian Banking Association has announced a range of measures including loan payment deferrals, loan restructuring and waiving of fees. This FAQ page can give some general advice as to what your options may be.

Recovery Planning for Hospitality Businesses Click here.

We’re all trying to figure out the immediate repercussions of the crisis and how to survive the shutdown, but hopefully sometime soon we’ll be looking to recovery. Oyster Sunday is a hospitality services group based in New Orleans and New York City who have put together a comprehensive plan laying out foundational tasks to assist hospitality businesses with reopening their doors. While it is US focused, most of the plan can by applied anywhere. If the idea of recovery seems too daunting and you don’t know where to start, start here.

Business Loans Comparison. Click here.

This webpage has a clear run down on the government secured loans for SME, as well as outlining what each of the eligible lenders are offering. Please note this is not a government site, but is a good place to start doing some research on financial institutions.

Assistance from your Energy Provider. 

Many energy providers are extending their financial hardship policies. These measures can include payment extensions, tailored payment plans and suspension of disconnections for those who cannot pay. Below are links to many of the major suppliers’ Coronavirus support packages and online application forms, but if yours isn’t listed then reach out and see what is available.

Origin. Click here

AGL. Click here

Energy Australia. Click here

Aurora Energy (TAS). Click here

Powershop. Click here

Energy Locals. Click here

Internet and Mobile Providers Offering Financial Help. 

Many internet and mobile providers are extending financial hardship policies to cover those affected by COVID-19. Measures such as arranging payment plans, waiving fees and temporary stops to service suspensions have been rolled out. If yours isn’t listed, reach out and see what they are doing to help.

Vodafone. Click here

Aussie Broadband. Click here

Telstra. Click here

Optus. Click here

Free/Low Cost Marketing Platform for Venues Click here.

The teams over at MyGuestList and Sprout Media have teamed up to provide a marketing platform that matches the audiences of aligned venues so you have access to new customers who are into similar things. Free for MyGuestList members and only $5/week for everyone else with no contracts, commissions, etc.

We Are Open Now Click here
A running list of venues that are open and trading as delivery/take-away. List your business to be included.

Mental Health Resources and Advice for Australian Businesses Click here
A list of resources for Australian businesses on how to manage mental health issues for themselves and their employees. This link is from the Victorian government but all resources listed are National. Includes links and phone numbers, access to online training courses, etc. NOTE: Link to Business in Mind does not work – click Heads Up instead to access Beyond Blue resources for business.


Small Business Support Grant Click here
Small business supports grants of $10,000 will be made available to eligible businesses impacted by COVID-19 to pay unavoidable business costs. Eligibility is based on turnover and payroll size, and only for businesses in certain industries. The listed industries do not include hospitality specifically, but ‘Accommodation and Food Services’, so this may not be available to businesses without a food aspect. The application form will be live by April 17th.

Small Business Fast Relief Hardship Grants Click here
Announcement of a grant programme for NSW small businesses severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Up to $10,000. To be eligible, your business must have between 1-19 employees, have a turnover of more than $75, 000/year and payroll of below $900,000, and have seen a loss of at least 75% of revenue. More details in the link. Applications will be live on the Service NSW website on or before April 17th.

Liquor License ‘Statement of Regulatory Intent’ Click here and here
Link to the Statement, and also a FAQ fact sheet. Unlike most other states, NSW has not implemented short term takeaway licenses but instead indicated that they will take a ‘flexible approach’ to venues offering takeaway and delivery alcohol (i.e. you can). There are, however, no clear quantity limits so best to check other states’ guidelines for an idea on what is considered reasonable.

Licensing Fees Waived for NSW Venues Click here

NSW has announced that they will waive liquor licence fees for the 2020-2021 fee period. Read about eligibility and what you need to do.


Include Your Venue on a List of Sydney Businesses Which Are Still Open
If you are still open and/or have changed the way you are doing business due to COVID-19, let Time Out Sydney and/or Good Food know via the links in the articles below:

Time Out Sydney

Good Food


VIC Government: Coronavirus business support Click here
A catch-all page for Victorian government programmes for businesses effected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Includes FAQ about current trading restrictions. Be aware this information may change frequently, so check regularly before taking action.

Victorian Government Economic Survival Package for Small and Medium Businesses Click here
Form to register your interest to receive more information about bailouts for Victorian small and medium businesses effected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Liquor License Updates Click here
A Covid-19 update from the Victorian Government for Liquor License Holders. This includes a list of current, relevant measures taken by both national and state government, gives details of both the waiving of liquor license fees for 2020 and of short term takeaway licenses (with link to online application form). Please note, there are quantity restrictions on these licenses so read carefully!


Financial Advisors Propeller Advisory
Propeller Advisory aim to make the whole process of accounting, budgeting and filing tax returns as simple and straightforward as possible.

Human Resource Advisors Positive HR and Melbourne HR
These financial advisors in Victoria has been recommended by our partners at Propellor Advisory. They have kindly agreed to work with KOVA to offer advice to businesses to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Feel free to reach out to them directly and tell them KOVA and Propellor Advisory sent you.

Legal Advisors Legalite
Commercial lawyer based in Victoria who has agreed to assist KOVA stakeholders with advice for commercial tenancy negotiations and other legal issues.

Free Legal Advice for Businesses Click here

Business lawyers in Melbourne offering free 30min legal consultations for anyone trying to navigate the current situation, including things like lease negotiations, human resources, insolvency, etc.

Get Included on a List of Melbourne Venues doing Grocery Boxes Click here

Are you doing grocery boxes? Email Broadsheet Melbourne via the link in the article below to be included on this list.


Business and Jobs Support Fund Click here
A new $300 million fund has been established for the ‘ongoing survival of entities and minimising job losses’. The eligibility criteria is not clear, other than that submissions should seek to highlight the impact of COVID-19 on the business. Queries and submissions can be lodged through the link In the page below.

Financial Support Options Broken Down Click here
This page breaks down which financial support your business has access to depending on your business structure e.g. if you are a sole trader, a company etc.

Liquor License Updates Click here
A Covid-19 update from the South Australian Government for Liquor License Holders. This includes details of the waiving of liquor license fees for 2020-2021, and details of short term takeaway licenses (with link to online application form). Please note, there are quantity restrictions on these licenses so read carefully!


Include Your Venue on a List of Adelaide Businesses Which Are Still Open
If you are still open and/or have changed the way you are doing business due to COVID-19, let The Advertiser and/or Broadsheet know via the links in the articles below:

The Advertiser



Various Economic Relief Initiatives for Businesses Affected by COVID-19 Click here
Fact Sheet outlining the Queensland Government’s entire economic stimulus package for businesses of all sizes. Includes details of payroll tax relief, interest free loans, worker retraining and assistance etc. There are no click through links, though, and some of the promises are fairly vague so use more as a starting point to figure out what you may be eligible for. There are links for some of the more pertinent initiatives below.

Payroll Tax Relief Click here
The QLD Government has rolled out a package of payroll tax relief. All businesses affected by COVID-19 are eligible for a refund and deferral, and those who pay less than $6.5million in taxable wages can also apply for a 3 month payroll tax ‘holiday’. There are links for application forms (one for refund/holiday and one for deferral- if you can, ask your accountant or financial adviser for advice on which would best suit your business).

Electricity Relief for Both Households and Businesses Click here
Q&A Fact Sheet on both the ‘Household Utility Assistance Package’ and ‘Power Bill Relief Package’ for small businesses.

The Household package is a $200 per year rebate which should be applied to your electricity bill over the coming months, without you having to do anything and includes tenants as well as homeowners.

The Small Business Package is a $500 per year rebate for businesses which consume less than 100,000 kilowatt hours. Again, this should be applied directly to your electricity bill.

Jobs Support Loans Click here
The Queensland Government are offering loans to businesses financially affected by COVID-19 in order to keep them running and retaining employees (sole traders are also eligible). The loans are for up to $250,000 and are interest free for the first year, plus another 2 years of repaying interest only. Seek advice from an accountant or financial adviser if you can to see if this is in the best interests of your business.

Liquor License Updates Click here
Liquor licenses have been loosened so that venues who normally must sell alcohol on premise in order to be allowed to sell off premise can still operate the takeaway side of their business even if their main premise is closed. Similarly, bar licensees and producers/wholesalers can now sell takeaway alcohol for collection or delivery. Some restrictions do apply (notably, it must be pre packaged stock and not, e.g., BYO growlers).


Small Business Loans Available to Support ‘Continuity’ of Business Click here
The Tasmanian Government has launched a loans package to support businesses continuing to trade through, or looking at reopening after, the COVID-19 crisis. These loans have to be used as investment in the business, rather than paying off creditors/staff etc. Details and contacts in this Fact Sheet

More Funding for Rapid Response Skills Initiative Click here
Up to $3,000 support available for retraining for workers who have been made redundant or stood down. Businesses can also advertise any vacancies they may have.


Tasmanian Collective Looking to Provide Delivery Service Using All-Tasmanian Produce and Local Labour Click here
This collective is looking to build an Uber Eats style collective (under the name Apocalypse Eats). They plan to facilitate the distribution of Tasmanian produce-focussed menus. They are also aiming to form a community hub for ongoing discussions on how best to tackle the ongoing crisis. The online platform is currently being built, but they are encouraging restaurants, producers and growers (as well as anyone with commercial kitchens which could be used by multiple eateries) to get in touch at:

Include Your Venue on a List of Tasmanian Businesses Which Are Still Open The Examiner
If you are still open and/or have changed the way you are doing business due to COVID-19, let The Examiner know via the link in the article above.


Small Business Grants Click here
$17,500 grants are automatically being given to businesses with pay rolls of between $1 million and $4 million. They will receive this automatically by cheque, so the WA Government is advising to ensure that addresses are up to date. The  link also details payroll tax relief, license fee waiving and help with utilities.

Small Business Advisory Service Click here
The WA Government is advising use of their free advisory service to explore options and relief available for businesses affected by COVID-19.


Economic Relief Package for Small Businesses Click here
The ACT Government has announced a package of economic relief including pay roll tax relief, electricity rebates and waiving licensing fees. There is also a Business Liason Team phone number to help you navigate what help is available to you.


Canberra Based Delivery Service Supporting Local Restaurants Click here
This delivery service delivers meals from local restaurants within specific areas (currently Inner North and Inner South, but if your suburb isn’t currently included they invite expressions of interest and may look to expand). Orders must be in by 5pm, and a delivery time after 6pm chosen to avoid a bottleneck of orders at dinnertime. Preference for employment as a delivery driver will be given to those who have lost their jobs in hospitality.

Include Your Venue on a List of Canberra Businesses Which Are Still Open Click here and here
A few websites have sprung up detailing which venues are still open and how they have pivoted their business (pick up, takeaway options etc). There are links to a couple which are getting some media attention below, they are updated regularly so use the links to list your business.

Become a ‘Dark Kitchen’ to Retain Staff Click here
Some food offerings are just not built for takeaway. If you feel that your offering cannot make the pivot to a takeaway menu, this website offers restaurants a chance to use their kitchen and staff to prepare take home meals for pick up, using local produce. More like a ‘meal prep’ service, customers buy in packs of 5 or 10 to freeze and reheat.


Jobs Hub Aims to Match Job Seekers with Employers Click here
The NT Government is supporting those who have lost their jobs through COVID-19 to find new jobs in local businesses through this online portal.

Grants Offered for Renovation Works to Shop Front Businesses Click here
To try to keep people in jobs, the NT Government is offering grants to businesses who may want to use this pause in trade to upgrade their premises or buy new equipment, provided they use local building companies/suppliers.

Small Business Survival Fund Click here
The NT Government has instituted a $50 million fund to help local businesses survive and adapt to the changed circumstances under COVID-19. Food, drink and retail is an eligible industry.


Get Involved in this ‘One Stop Shop’ For Local Businesses in the NT Click here
This Collective is making it easy to shop local by collating baked goods, coffee, fresh produce and even toilet paper from around the Alice Springs area so consumers can avoid the supermarkets.